Monday, April 07, 2014

Mountains to Sea Trail Hike

For me this was the mountains part of the mountains to sea trail.  I did a short day hike with Erik and his friend Mike.  The weather couldn't have been better and it was a beautiful and pretty easy hike.  We went to the top of Sam's Knob and enjoyed an okay view, but later on we found a really amazing vista and I got some great shots.  If you live in the Asheville area and want to go, head up the Parkway past graveyard fields and take the next road on your right (warning it's full of car sized pot holes!) Go to the parking area at the end and consult the map to figure out which trails you want to go on.  We did a loop on Sam Knob Summit, to Sam Knob, then Flat Laurel Creek, to Little Sam and finally the Mountain to Sea Trail/Art Loeb.  Not too much elevation change and though this was supposed to be a half day hike, it turned out to be more like a day hike.  One thing I find mildly baffling is that the trails are marked with signs that have their names, but most maps have the trails numbered.  If someone can explain why this is the way it is, I'd love to know.


Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Thin Line Film Festival Video

Here's a little video I put together of my trip to the Thin Line Film Festival.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

World Premiere of My Toxic Backyard

My Toxic Backyard had its first screening at the Thin Line Film Festival in Denton, Texas and I was able to attend.  This was my first time in Texas.  Denton is about 30 minutes North of Dallas.  Sadly I didn’t meet any real cowboys on my short visit. I had been expecting to see horses, holsters and hats everywhere.  The cowboy hats I did see a lot of, but Texans are not all cowboys.  In Denton everyone happen to be friendly and welcoming.  The land is flat and scrubby, but the sky is huge.  I know the sky seems like the kind of thing that should be the same everywhere you go, but it’s not.  In Texas the sky is just bigger.

There was a great line up for documentary films at Thin Line.  The festival covered room, board and transportation while there.  The staff was fantastic.  They were on call 24 hours a day!  The greenroom was stocked with food and drinks and was a great place to network with other filmmakers and VIP festival goers.  I met some great people there.  The town square is really cute and full of musicians.  I think over half the population is in a band.  My screening was at the Campus theater, which was a wonderful historic theater in the middle of town.  This was my first time attending this wonderful documentary film festival and I tip my hat to the festival organizers for putting on such a great festival.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Going to the Cannes Film Festival!

I am beyond excited!  The short film I directed, "Joint Effort" won the top prize in the National Film Competition and in addition to a cash prize will now be playing at the Cannes Film Festival in May!  And I'm going!!!  Every sentence ends with an exclamation point because that's how excited I am!

Our film isn't in competition, we are on the business side of things.  This is the perfect opportunity to try to secure some foreign distribution for our feature film and get some finishing funds.  In addition to winning best film, Gorilla with a Mustache Films also took home: Best Writing, Best Comedy Film, Best Actor David Ostergaard, and 3rd place audience choice award.  We will be wheeling and dealing and living it up on the French Riviera.  I'll take lots of pictures so stay tuned for more.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Short Film is an International Winner!

I just made a short film "Joint Effort" that was picked as one of the top 15 in an international competition! They are doing online voting for an audience award and you can help by liking the video on YouTube: (just hit the thumbs up button) and Vimeo: (there is a heart in the top right inside the video window.) You have to be logged in to like it.  If we get the most likes, we could win $1000!  It's a pretty funny movie too.  We had a great cast and crew made of entirely volunteers and the whole movie was made in one weekend.  Enjoy the show!

(there is a thumbs up button at the top right corner of the movie here, but you have to be logged in for it to count, you can log in to gmail, google, or youtube to like it in this player.)

P.S. - the film would probably get a PG rating.  There are lots of drugs in it... 2.2 pounds to be exact.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Here's my latest short film, "Nosferatooth, " the horror/comedy about a vampire with a tooth ache. WARNING: there's lots of cussing and some blood, but overall, it's pretty funny. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Delivering our 48 Hour Film

This film we have to make for the 48 hour film project needs to be done in one weekend.  Exactly one weekend.  If you are even one minute past the deadline time, you're disqualified.  I was editing and not paying close enough attention to the time. Wanting to do as much fixing as possible, I waited too long to start my export. As I stood watching the progress bar, I knew it was too late. I immediately broke the bad news to the team. Explaining that yes, it would be finished before the cutoff time, but there wasn't enough time to physically drive the file to the drop off location; someone piped in with, "What about Keresey's Ducati?" This was what happened next, recorded by our sound guy Scott Duncan on his iphone:

And yes, she did make it in time :)