Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Magazine (Rally to Rescue) Cover Shoot

A while back I did my first magazine cover shoot. The assignment was to shoot a man and all the cats that he'd rescued in a cattery he built here in North Carolina. The magazine is called Rally to Rescue. It's put out by Purina and it's all about animals that have been saved in one way or another and the people that rescue them. I shot for the cover and the featured article.
Cats are not the easiest animals to shoot, especially rescued cats. You can pet them and call them and wave toys at them and it's all for nothing. They will either look your way or they won't. My technique was to just keep shooting until I got something. I had hundreds of photos by the end of the shoot, but all the work paid off in the end. I had some great shots for them to use in the magazine. Attached are the pages from the article.


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S. Marcia Kay said...

Absolutely incredible photos in this article. I found a copy of this magazine & article at my vet's office and just had to go find out more about the photographer who did the shoot! You might have found it challenging and difficult to work with the cats, but you sure have a gift for capturing essence!
S. Marcia Kay